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Mr Grinch

Crown and Cutlass Alpha 1.4 Released

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I'm a developer for Crown and Cutlass (direct link to screenshots), a 3d pirate action/adventure game in the spirit of the old Pirates! game. It is written in C++, using OpenGL and SDL with an emphasis on cross-platform compatibility (linux and windows currently, eventually we'd like to support macs). We released Alpha 1.4 yesterday. You can download it here. We switched from our own opengl extension handling code to GLee for this version. So far, it has been really easy to use and we have not had any problems. Please let us know if you have issues. I'm especially interested in linux users with non-nvidia cards. We have finished converting our menus to Guichan, although we still have some tweaking to do. We have also made some internal changes, such as a new sound system. Feedback is always helpful, so please let us know what you think. You can reply here, or post in our sourceforge forums. Please post general feedback in the Alpha 1.4 Feedback thread. Post problems compiling the source here and troubleshooting questions here. Thanks!

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Sorry about that, but we really need more info than that to help us figure out the problem. Can you give me a little more info? What kind of setup are you running? What version of windows, processor, video card, video drivers, etc... Can you describe what happened better than that? Did a window appear? There is also a log file in the same directory as the exe, can you post that here? Thanks for the help, we need this kind of feedback.

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It doesn't work for me either :( The starts just fine and I can click 'New' for a new game, then a click 'accept' and it shows me the loading screen during which I get a segmentation fault.

The game's output:

$ ./CrownCutlass
Timer initialized
Resolution: 800 x 600
Fullscreen: false
Use VBOs: true
Enable SDL Parachute: false
Compress Textures: true
TicksBetweenBattles: 20000
NumberALSources: 16
DebugLogMode: true

Got video info
Video mode set
Extensions verified
Current state pointer set
Sound system initialized
16 sources
16 sources available
0 sounds playing
0 sounds queued
Audio initialized
Font lists generated
Font texture loaded
Font texture bound
Fonts built
Gui Created
Menu: Callbacks Set.
Graphics and font initialized.
loadingTexture: 5
Guichan finished.
version 0
channels 2
rate (hz) 44100
bitrate upper 0
bitrate nominal 112001
bitrate lower 0
bitrate window 0

vendor Xiph.Org libVorbis I 20030909

Music loaded
MainMenu initialized
Main menu created
Crown and Cutlass initialized sucessfully

Menu: Callbacks Set.
Graphics and font initialized.
Guichan finished.
NewGame initialized
Loading screen displayed
4 ships types loaded
Ocean created
Heightmap generated
Normals generated
Quadtree generated
Terrain created
Camera created
Economy loaded
2 clusters loaded
Cities loaded
Map created
StateSailing initialized

Segmentation fault

OS: Gentoo Linux (kernel version 2.6.7)
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

Do you need any more information?

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jkuhlmann: What video drivers and version are you running? If you are using the nvidia drivers, are you using their opengl headers as well? I suspect that this is an extension issue, but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for the help.

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nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx are both version 1.0.5336. Maybe I should update them when I have some time... I'm also using nvidia's OpenGL implementation.

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The 5336 drivers are something like a year and a half old (7676 is the current version). If you get a chance and are feeling charitable, can you try updating your drivers and let me know how it works?

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Alright, I've emerged the 7676 drivers and it runs perfectly. I believe the problem was that the old drivers didn't support shaders, is that possible? Well, I'm off for some testing [smile]

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We actually don't use any shaders yet. However, I think they changed the opengl headers significantly since 5336 and I believe the VBO support has been improved a lot since then as well. I guess a lot has probably changed since then. Oh well, glad to hear that fixed it!

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