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C++ 2D arrays

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Original post by BornToCode
snk_kid yes ok my point has being going down you are right, and you say i am wrong. Ay least i work for a game company who do you work for if you think you know so much.

[edit: watch the language -SiCrane]

We don't really need an e-penis measuring contest in this thread [especially ones that are somewhat hard to believe, comming from one so abrasive - I simply don't see how you could not get fired], let's keep it on-topic eh?

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Hi guys,

thanks for the help. I'm gona go with Funny's template for a 2D Array. It will provide a generic method for implementing them and I can provide methods for manipulating them. I understand the code and have it working when declaring them statically eg

Array2D<int> array(10,12); = OK

Only problem is this:

I want to declare a pointer in my header file to a template object, but how would I do this?


int width;
int height;
Array2D<bool> * array2D(10,12); //Just wnat to specify a pointer to a 2D array

I'd want to initialise width, height then dynamically allocate memory for a Array2D with width and height dimensions.

Array2D(int rows_, int cols_):
array2D(new Array2D<bool> arr(rows,cols)) // Unsure what syntax would b used?

Any ideas on how I could implement this?

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A template instantiation is just like any other type. To declare a pointer you use TYPE * name and to initialise it you use name = new TYPE(arguments) (or name(new TYPE(argument)) in the initialisation list):
int * intPointer;
intPointer = new int();
intPointer(new int())
Array2D< int > * intArray2dPointer;
intArray2dPointer = new Array2D< int >(10, 12);
intArray2dPointer(new Array2D< int >(10, 12))

You could also use a typedef:
typedef Array2D< int > IntArray2d;
IntArray2d * intArray2dPointer;
intArray2dPointer = new IntArray2d(10, 12);
intArray2dPointer(new IntArray2d(10, 12))


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