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Vertex Shaders (HLSL): D3DCAPS9::MaxVertexBlendMatrixIndex

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I got my system up and running on the reference driver. I had just allocated plenty of room, 128 bone matrices for instance (I have a testanimation, the dragon, that is pretty well known for testing I think (Panda Exporter gives it away), that has 65 bones). It worked well on reference, however, when I tried to actually run it on my board, the model just disappeared. So after testing different stuff, I finally took a look at the D3DCAPS9 for the card. Here I saw, that MaxVertexBlendMatrixIndex = 37 for my card (Radeon9600, 256 MB). Does that mean that I can only use 38 matrices? Why the odd number, instead of maybe 64? Anyway, I reduced my number from 128 to 30 and loaded another model, and voilá, worked like a charm. I then managed to reduce the dragon to 60 bones (some superfluous points were stripped), and it turned out that I could just squeeze 60 matrices onto the board, in spite of the 37 limit. I probably overloaded some register and will wreak havoc if I do this on my final system :) But my question is: How can DX' animation demo (.x mesh-loader thingy) run my dragon just fine with 65+ bones? Do they break up the matrix arrays, and re-index on the fly on the card?

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