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Should be simple, Flash actionscript

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say ive got a Red Box on the bottom left of teh screen and a Blue Circle on teh top right what do i have to do to get that Blue Circle to move slowly to the Red Box and stop about an inch away? and further more, say that Red Box was to move up for some reason, how would i have it so that Blue Cirlce will follow it up? any help would be greatly appriecated

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Not so simple. The actionscript will basically be like this.
(each frame)
get position of blue circle
get position of red square
check the distance between the blue circle and the square
if the distance is close, don't move the red square
move red square in a direction according to the difference between the positions

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I don’t know Flash but, but a C language example would be:

X_distance = Circle_Pos_X - Box_Pos_X;
Y_distance = Circle_Pos_Y - Box_Pos_Y;

distance = sqrt( X_distance*X_distance + Y_distance*Y_distance); //sqrt() means Square Root
Velocity = 10; // can be any number really

if(distance > Minimum_distance)
Circle_Pos_X += (X_distance / distance) * Velocity;
Circle_Pos_Y += (Y_distance / distance) * Velocity;

Do this each frame.

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