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Idea for game

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Hey people, although i dont have any knowledge in programming or anything i have an idea that could be pretty cool as a mmorpg. The game would be based around WW2 sea battles, where players would command a ship from one of the nationalities fighting in WW2. At current there is a game out called Navy Field, which has basically done this idea but in a very simple and arcady looking way. Its also not historical and you dont get to play for any side. The way you find battles is basically like a non-massively multiplayer online game, you select a game that someone is hosting and fight. During combat the game would be 3d, with the players ship centred on the screen able to zoom in and out. As the nature of the graphics wouldnt have to be to complicated (no real complicated animations because of no human like movement etc) it could be done with relative ease. For visualizing the rest of the game, think EVE online but with a crew on your ship, and your battles had an effect on how the war effort was going. The world globe would be how you chose where to deploy your crew or move your ship to a new operational theatre, which could be places where most battles were fought in the war. Various ships kinds could include frigates (starting ships), cruisers, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, recon ships, engineering ships,merchant vessels etc. Upgrades and different weapon systems etc could be bought to customize your ship as well as its look,name,crew. The part you play in the game is as the captain or admiral of the ship, which would be your character and how you were identified in the game. When you gained xp through battles (calculated through damage dealt to the enemy, ships sunk, airplanes shot down etc) your crew would become better, as well as some abilities that you choose for your admiral. You also gain money/points for being in battles that you would use to upgrade etc. A non combat class could also be in the game, such as merchant vessels, oil ships which would need escorting to the ports around the world and to bring in supplies. Characters with enough wealth and xp could have there own bases and start up fleets (clans). Although based in WW2 it could even be made in a parallel universe and many things could be changed to fit the mmorpg type. Well flame on i know it was vague idea but i jsut wish i could program or somthing :( could be a fun game.

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