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Anyone make games in Actionscript...

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Recommended Posts flash mx 2004? If so any good tutorials with someone with no experience at all what so ever. Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of making games in it?

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I've written a few simple games in pre mx versions of Flash, but I can't think of anywheres to find tutorials, searching for flash mx tutorials should give you a ton of results. I found it less then fantastic due to slow speed and I found it somewhat difficult to lay the source out in a simple way as to the best of my knowledge it had no encapsulation (which you won't need to worry about just yet). It wouldn't be a horrible way to start out though, as it is very easy to see whats going on.

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I've done a few commercial web-games with it and am now working on a few commercial games.

There are several good books on developing Flash games. I used the Gary Rosenzweig book to teach myself the basics, then just used the ActionScript references for the rest. The O'Reilly Flash books are really good references for ActionScript as well as some tricks.

- Graphics, sound, and code are all packed into a single compressed SWF file, so problems like missing classes and/or assets almost never happen.
- The player is fairly small, downloads quickly, and updates itself automatically if an applet requires a later player than is installed, providing a much better experience for novices.
- Vector-based transforms (rotation, scaling) on vector objects is fast and easy.
- ActionScript is pretty easy to understand if you're familiar with C++ and/or Java.
- Font outlines are embedded into the SWF, so you can include a funky-looking font in your game without worrying how it will look on other machines.
- Your games will work on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

- No 3D.
- No access to pixels, although the just-announced version 8 supports this.
- Code execution is slow, and CPU-bound processes (maze generation, searches, etc) will require some cleverness to prevent starving the player.
- You can make standalone EXE fules, but breaking out of the Flash sandbox to do things like saving files or reading the joystick requires a 3rd party EXE-building solution.
- The Flash IDE requires a lot of getting used to if you're used to existing programming tools.
- The included GUI components are incomplete and buggy compared to the third-party components available now.

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