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Device.DrawIndexedPrimitive to Mesh.DrawSubset -- not working?

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I have a working terrain grid with dynamic height that I drew using Device.DrawIndexedPrimitive. I wish to create a mesh using the same data, but when I use the exact same vertex array and index array, the outcome isn't the same. The working version is a square terrain with different heights, and the mesh version is displaying a left-bottom 3d triangle of sorts, where every triangle seems to be connected to (0,0) as one point. Any ideas on why this isn't working the same? They are both using a PositionNormalTextured format. My mesh code is below, WIDTH and HEIGHT are my max X and Z variables.
        meshTerrain = new Mesh(indices.Length/3, WIDTH * HEIGHT,0,CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured.Format, device);

	int[] adjacency = new int[meshTerrain.NumberFaces * 10];
	meshTerrain.GenerateAdjacency(0.01F, adjacency);
	meshTerrain.OptimizeInPlace(MeshFlags.OptimizeVertexCache, adjacency); 
	numSubSets = meshTerrain.GetAttributeTable().Length;


// in render sub
	for (int i = 0; i < numSubSets; ++i)
vertices and indices are the arrays that feed my vertex and index buffers that are working properly in Device.DrawIndexedPrimitive. Any ideas?

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Okay while I've been searching for the answer, it looks like it's probably because the mesh is defaulted as a triangle fan instead of strip... so looking for how to tell the mesh to be a strip.

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