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Asking types if they have a function

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Heh, this has been bothering me for a while. Templates are great, and they are compile time objects. Or at least they get 'restructured' at compile time. So why is it not possible to provide handler support where it exists, and fall back to generic routines were it doesn't? Here's an example:
class FileClass
   void write_data(void *data, size_t num_bytes) {...}

   template <class Type>
   void SaveData(Type *data)
      if( Type::Save(FileClass*) ) // Or any kind of conditional statement
         data->Save( this );
         write_data( data, sizeof(Type) );
Is anything like this possible? Since the compiler generates a new instance of SaveData() for each type, there would be no cost in providing conditional generation. It would allow a programmer to write a function which allows specific objects to require themselves handled differently than anything else. And the routines sending these objects to some random task would not even need to worry about such things. Only the template function and the type would be involved. I'm not looking for a new way of doing things. Just curious if something like this already exists. Thanks :)

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You could use a base class, and specialize the SaveData() member function for that base class. The unspecialized implementation could simply call write_data().

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