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Wej Parry

Drawing Curves for beginers

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I am a mircosoft user and I wish to draw a 2D curved object like the inside of a snails shell ( so two almost paralell lines with the gap between the two lines increasing in a linear manner). Can anyone guide me to either a tutorial or beginers guide on how to do this?

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Yes ( but I had to look it up!), a version of Fibonacci. This is for a game I am developing.
What I wish to make is a visible clock/timing device in a spiral form with ever decreasing segment sizes where each segment will have a decreasing elapsed time value. So starting from the outside with say 10 segments each segment is illuminated ( or extinguished ) after a sequentially decreasing linear ( or some non linear ) time interval with the final segment disappearing down the middle ( with a plug hole sound effect?)

Silly drawing below but I want a spiral.

---------| 16
| | The key requirement is that each segment is
| | separately addressable so that the colour can
-----| 8 | change as the time elapses
| | |
---| 5 | |
|3 | | |

I have hand drawn version If needed. Does this explanation help?

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