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Z Only

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I'm having problems with my Z Only pass in the beginning of my frame. It should ( as you all propably figured out ) render the Z Value to the Z Buffer ( thereby making it easier for me to reduce overdraw ). Now, I'm currently using shaders to do all my statechaning and my ZOnly technique looks like this :
        ZEnable          = TRUE;
        ZWriteEnable     = TRUE;
        StencilEnable 	 = FALSE;
       	ZFunc		 = LESSEQUAL;
 	ColorWriteEnable = 0;      	
        CullMode         = NONE;
        VertexShader = compile vs_1_1 VSSimple();
				PixelShader  = NULL;
After doing that most of the pixels that I draw are not visible... Here is the normal rendering I do after the Z Only ( the renderstates that is)
        ZEnable          = TRUE;
        ZWriteEnable     = FALSE;
    	StencilEnable 	 = FALSE;
       	ZFunc		= EQUAL;
       	AlphaBlendEnable = FALSE;
	ColorWriteEnable = RED|GREEN|BLUE|ALPHA;
        CullMode         = CW;
        VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 VSVertexLighting2();
	PixelShader  = compile ps_2_0 PSDiffuseTextureShadow();
If I disable the Z Only pass my geometry is displayed perfecly so it should be a renderstate error, I'm curious if ColorWriteEnable dosen't work like I use it, I've tryed doing it another way, by Enabling ColorWrite (all channels) and using these renderstates instead :
      	AlphaBlendEnable = TRUE;
       	SrcBlend				 = ZERO;
       	DestBlend				 = ZERO;
But it dosen't seem to work any better ( acctually If i enable the last code and do only the ZOnly pass it acctually draws alots of pixels (even though they it was mean't not to)

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