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Transforming world axies?

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Ok I have a simple little question and want to see if i am looking at the problem correctly. I am creating a 2D iso engine that is well a little more then 2D more like 2.5 D so to speak because of the way I want the coords set up. Is it possible to transform the world axies of X Y and Z to look like the following.
\  |  /
 \ | /
Z /|\  X
 / | \ 
/  |  \ 

Sorry for the rough sketch. Now Y is vertical, X is down and right and Z is down and left. Well if I use left handed Pos Y is Vert up Pos X is down and right and -Z is down and left. If this is possible would it be practical to set this up by just moving the camera 45 degrees to the right. Here is the theory I am looking at. Normaly x is strait across making it 180 and Y is vert spliting it into 90 and Z goes into the screen spliting x into 90. So if I start the camera looking at (0, 0) and looking down pos Z then a simple movement of 45 degees rotation to the right around the y axis as the focal of the rotation point should positoin the camera looking like the diagram above. I hope I did not lose you in my poor words lol. Does this make sense and will it get me to where I want to be? My idea is that I can use Z and X coords to position the tiles and then Y to designate the hight of the tile itself so I can create real hills and such.

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yes I would want it looking to the left because that will move the camera to the right :P. Thanks I knew I was on the right track just making shure lol.

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