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Image Processing, need help

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You're going to have to give us some more details. You say that when you try to render to a non-square surface, your application crashes. Exactly where does it crash? What does the debug spew say (hopefully you're using the Debug Runtime)? If you don't know what the debug spew is, take a look at the Forum FAQ.

From glancing at how you lock your texture and render target, you're not taking into acount the pitch of the surface. Depending on how the graphics card allocates texture memory in your particular instance, this could cause rendering problems but shouldn't cause a crash. Also, I don't think you can directly lock a render target, so at the end of the code snippet you posted (if your program gets to that point), locking a render target, not checking to see if the lock was successful, and then accessing the pointer is a sure fire way to trample all over memory.


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