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2D Normal Mapping

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Hi, Can anyone notice what I've done wrong in this 2d Normal Mapping code? Basically it's a tile engine, but I prebake lighting information into a new map generated from the unlit tiles. I have a valid 2d normal map for the tiles. This isn't C++, it's bmax, but just think of it as psudeo-code. I've commented it. Atm it appears to work but any pixel that produces a negative point to light normal results in a dark pixel. As if I'm not mapping on the right planes.
  For Each Pixel 
	Local ra,ga,ba
      ///For Each Light				
	For Local lgt:Light = EachIn Light.Lights
          // Calculate Vector From Pixel to Light, and normalize it.			
		Local nx:Float,ny:Float,nz:Float
	      nx = lgt.x-(tilex+x)
		ny = lgt.y-(tiley+y)
		nz = 100
		Local mag:Float = Sqr( nx*nx+ny*ny+nz*nz )
		nx = nx/mag
		ny = ny/mag
		nz = nz/mag
            Local lscale:Float
		Local px:Float,py:Float,pz:Float
            //Read Matching Normal Map Pixel of Tile and 
            //And Scale it into the range of 0-1
		pz =bpix[x,y,0]/255.0
		py =bpix[x,y,1]/255.0
		px =bpix[x,y,2]/255.0
            //Scale it into the range of -1 to 1. Normalized Vector.
		// Calculate dot product between Normal Map vector and 
            // Pixel to Light source vector.				
		lscale =(px * nx) + (py * ny)  + (pz * nz)
		If lscale>0
                  // Multiple Light's color by this.



      // Modulate total light value
      // By original color pixels value.
	Local rm:Float = ra/255.0
	Local gm:Float = ga/255.0
	Local bm:Float = ba/255.0

It's not a problem elsewhere, as there's a flat lighting model that is within the same code base that works fine. \/Flat lighting model. -Edit- What's the forum code for a pic? [img] I'll upload a shot of how it appears using the above lighting model in a sec. Any help would be great..I can't think of anything else at this point. Thanks.

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