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Object Color modulation

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I have some complex objects I'd like to color, where complex means lots of verticies. To save memory, I'd like to have just Pos formatted vertex lists (rather that PosDiffuse verts). This is also because the Clr part of every vert would be the same, ie. I'd like these to be flatly colored. But, I'd like to draw several of these 'complex' objects, each with an overall color. Ideally.. D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_COLOROP, D3DTA_SELECTARG1); D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_COLORARG1, D3DTA_CONSTANT ); D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_CONSTANT, overall_object_clr ); ..draw vertex buffer.. I'd like to also be able to do this with textured objects as well, which would basically apply an overall "coloring" to the textured object, as in: D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_COLOROP, D3DTA_MODULATE); D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_COLORARG1, D3DTA_TEXTURE ); D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_COLORARG2, D3DTA_CONSTANT ); D3DDev->SetTextureStageState ( D3DTSS_CONSTANT, overall_object_clr ); Unfortunately, it seems my hardware (Raedon 9600, not an old card) doesn't support D3DTA_CONSTANT (other posts suggest few cards do). It seems the only alternative is to make my vertex buffers PosDiffuse, and assign the object color to every vertex each time a different color is used. But this is a waste of CPU time. Is there any other way to do overall object color modulation? -rcz

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