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DevIL image library [SOLVED]

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I'm using DevIL for Image I/O. It's nice (I dont understand that OpenGL style however the library is great). The standard I/O functions ( Load/Save(filename) ) work. I would like to use std::istream and std::ostream to load/save images so I can perform an abstract I/O. I read the documentation and have wrapped the functions. The problem is that the input is OK but when I try to write the program crashes in the dll. I thought it was something wrong with my code so I tried to use the lump writing that is ilSaveL(imagefileformat, buffer, buffersize); but it crashes everytime also with this 'fake' code
char buf[4096];
ilSaveL(imagefileformat, buf, 1024);
I know it does nothing (it's only a test). Note that from the same point I can use ilSave(filename) without any problem. I use WindowsXP with MSVC6 and the latest release of the lib Any suggestion ? Have experienced the same problem? Other libraries ? edit: SOLVED [Edited by - blizzard999 on August 19, 2005 4:51:49 PM]

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