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Please check out the physics of my game.

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I'm not posting this in "Your Announcements" for two reasons. First of all, the game is by no means complete. Second of all, I want people to test the physics of my game (so far) to give me feedback on their realism. I plan on releasing the source of the game, and the physics engine that I'm making for it, for anyone to use. It's really easy to use - you just make any class you wish to be used with the engine inherited from a certain class, PHYSObject, and then you can call functions on it that manipulate forces acting on the object. You can either call these functions so they affect all objects in the game, or so that they affect only one object. I'll document it properly when the game is released :) I think I'll post the source code that I have so far, in case anyone wants to compile it under linux/mac/whatever. It uses SDL 1.2 and SDL_Image, which you can download by clicking the links. Source - should compile on about anything or Windows binary. The SDL_Image library has quite a few dependancies, which can all be found at Thanks for trying it out. Please tell me what you think of the physics. Now, here are the controls: Up/down: move the ship forwards or backwards according to how it's rotated. Left/right: rotate the ship 5 degrees around its center F1: Activate tractor beam, pulling in all objects quickly with no regard to distance F2: As above, but the force degrades over distance F3: As F1, but push them away F4: As F2, but push them away BTW, all the above functions are done purely through application of force on the ship, and are all done with one function call. The only "hard" parameter specifications you need to do in the code are specifying what physical properties (like position, speed, mass, angle of rotation, spin speed) each object has. One call, PHYSUpdateObject(NULL, physics_timer.TimeElapsed()); will update all objects based on time. There you go. Please give me some feedback - I *really* appreciate it.

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