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Atomic Ball Editor Help - I need your talent...

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Hey guys, I'm putting the finishing touches on the Atomic Ball Editor! For those of you that don't already know, Atomic Ball is a breakout game written in Direct3D (2d quad engine) and cpp. You need a Direct3D9 compatible video card to run the editor. I've written a great editor for writing Atomic Ball levelpacks but I've run out of inspiration for making more cool levels! Here's my dilemma: I need 25 more levels to bring my master Atomic Ball levelpack up to a total of 50 levels, and I don't want to release Atomic Ball without 50 levels to play! Now, here's where I need your help... I want you to write a few really cool boards for Atomic Ball. When you're done, zip the 'work in progress' file (filename.wip) along with a simple readme with your credits in it, and email it to me. My email is in the Atomic Editor readme file. If I use any of your boards in the master levelpack for the first official release of Atomic Ball, I'll add you to the credits. Remember, go crazy! Atomic Ball is capable of a lot of cool stuff, so I want to see some really weird (but not unplayable!) levels. Wouldn't it be cool to see YOUR unique levels in the levelpack that is included with Atomic Ball? Here's the download: Atomic Editor Test 01 (4.21 MB) To install, just download the zip file. Extract the installer (AtomicBallEditor.exe) and install the editor! Read the readme file (readme editor.txt), because this will tell you exactly how you use the editor. You can probably figure a lot of stuff out on your own, but reading the readme file will help you to learn about 'shortcuts' and more advanced techniques to getting things done. Also, feel free to open and look at the SEVERAL examples I've included with the editor. They'll help you to figure out how to make teleporters, rotating blocks, etc. Thanks in advance for the help! If you need any help using the editor, please post here because I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. This is a very late beta of the editor, so please let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks again!

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