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simple but funny game Revenge of The Smiles 2 available for tests

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You can see some screens, download test versions at (page in polish) or just download last playable version 1.3 here Game is really simple, written in about 2,5 weeks. You are yellow SMILE and you have to fight with red SMILES, using one of eight types of weapons, including grenades. There are friendly yellow SMILES too, they can provide some help sometimes ... You will get experience points for kills, more for harder enemies, extra damage, killing spree's and couple of other things ... There is infinity number of levels, generated randomly at start. You can travel between levels using elevators (green for going previous level, red for going next level). After gaining new level of experience, you can spend some extra points for attributes like shooting accuracy, shooting range, learning speed, camouflage and else... Game is 3d, but on 2d maps, there is nothing else but floors and walls ... and of course SMILES. There is some nice physics, used to calculate movement of dropped weapons or grenades. There are many colourfull static lights and some dynamic (like flashlight for example). Game is in english and below I provide information about keys used in game: MOVEMENT w,s,a,d - standard movement :) mouse X - rotate player mouse Y - move camera up/down WEAPONS left mouse click - shoot r - reload 1 to 8 - choose a weapon tab - next weapon OTHER enter - use a elevator (when close to) right mouse click - use a bonus (refreshment or bullet time) z - on/off short player info m - on/off map c - on/off character menu SYSTEM F2 - on/off precise dynamic lights F3 - on/off FPS counter Esc - exit I hope you will enjoy it. You can write me: [Edited by - klamacz on September 12, 2005 5:43:36 AM]

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