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I'm using Borland C++ and i cant figure out how to fix the following:

char tempIntHolder[10];
string tempCharHolder;
string wholeDeck[52];

for(i = 0; i <= 51; i++) 
    tempCharHolder = deck::deckLetter;
    sprintf(tempIntHolder, "%i", deck::deckNumber);
    deck::wholeDeck = tempIntHolder + tempCharHolder;

Error is "LValue required" on the 3rd line in the for loop can anyone help me?

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Your "wholedeck" is an array of strings. You need to access a single element of the array using square braces

deck::wholeDeck = tempIntHolder + tempCharHolder;

If you don't know what that means, ask and I (or someone else) will explain better.

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Original post by Caminman
wholeDeck is an array of strings ...and what is deck?

Is it a namespace, struct or class?

If it's either a struct or a class, you'd be better off creating an instance of it, e.g.

deck CardDeck


tempCharHolder = CardDeck.deckLetter;

sprintf(tempIntHolder, "%i", CardDeck.deckNumber);

CardDeck.wholeDeck = tempIntHolder + tempCharHolder;



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