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Quake/Doom BSP Loader (C# and Managed DirectX)

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Good evening everyone from sunny South Africa, The News I have searched most of the weekend for a C#/MDX Quake/Doom BSP Loader. I decided to do the nail biting and teeth grinding recode of a c++ implementation. It's not complete as yet and still needs alot of work. This is in Beta phase and I will continue the work on it and release versions of it. Thanks Thanks goes to Jonathan "Korpse" Jacobs for helping me along the way :) The Loader C# Managed DirectX BSP Loader (Beta) - Source To be Done - Implement lightmaps - Implement a decent texture loader - Implement a culling system to speed up framerates. Usage
//loading the BSP file
BSPLoader bspLoader;
bspLoader.FromFile(device, "bspFile.bsp");
//Rendering the map (BSP)

Update: (As per Grozzler's request/comments) - Updated naming of the structures and class. - Fixed check order for cleaning up of objects. I hope this helps some of you. Take care. [Edited by - Armadon on August 21, 2005 10:43:25 PM]

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Nicely done, though I don't agree with your use of all uppercase names like BSP_TEXTURE. To also follow conventions, I strongly recommend BspLoader instead of BSPLoader. Those are just my views on conventions though.

The only problem I could see when I looked it over was:
if(!vertexBuffer.Disposed || vertexBuffer != null)
if(!indexBuffer.Disposed || indexBuffer != null)

You have your checks backwards. ;)

This also seems silly:
using Microsoft.DirectX;
using DX = Microsoft.DirectX;

One or the other, no?

Good work!

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Perfectly valid, thanks for the reply guys.

Grozzler, I totally agree. I am in the process of fixing those weird naming conventions :) Will have the changes up by tommorow :).

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This looks good. The overall structure and commenting is excellent. very nicly done.

I've made a slight modification to the texture loading btw:

filename = filename.Substring(0, filename.IndexOf("\0"));
FileInfo[] files = new DirectoryInfo(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()).GetFiles(filename + "*");

if (files.Length > 0)
textureMaps = TextureLoader.FromFile(device, files[0].FullName);
textureMaps = null;

I've only tested it with the map DarkMeat though, so there may be some cases where it doesn't work? Not sure. Direct3D's texture loader is *really* good so I'd use that above anything else unless you absolutly have to.

Ohh I'll also say I'm impressed you didn't use any unsafe code. Good job.

*Also Wondering, by doom bsp maps do you mean doom3?*

[Edited by - RipTorn on August 22, 2005 1:07:54 PM]

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Original post by Armadon
- Implement lightmaps

mwahahahaha who needs light maps when you have....

per-pixel with stencil shadows!!

[wink] [wink] [wink] [wink] [wink] [wink]

I have far too much time on my hands.

However I've still got a lot of work to do before I get it looking as good as my old engine (same map). And running as fast too.... stencil shadows are a pain to optimise.

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