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Shearing and rotating a mesh on its local axes.

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With my create cube functionality, I put in the ability to translate, scale and rotate it on its local axis. However, when I scale on the Z-axis and I rotate on the x-axis my mesh exhibits shearing. (Fig. 1) Shouldn't it look like this (I cheated and set the orientation after the model had been created, I don't know if it'd be exactly like this or not)? (Fig. 2) The shearing doesn't appear to happen on any of the other axes. The cube is composed of 6 single plane meshes, oriented to face the proper directions. The code I use to create them is as follows:
private void BuildPlane(Vector3D up,Vector3D normal,int vertexstart,Vector3D[] vertices)
	int row;											// Current row.
	int column;											// Current column.
	float divh, divv;									// Divisions per column/row.
	Matrix pos, rot, scl, final;						// Matrix for each transform.
	Vector3D vx,vy,vz;									// Vectors representing axes.
	int vtxIdx;											// Vertex index.

	// Calculate number of divisions.
	divh = 1.0f / (float)boxColumns;
	divv = 1.0f / (float)boxRows;

	// Begin transforms.
	final = pos = rot = scl = Matrix.Identity;
	vz = normal;
	vy = up;
    vx = vy.CrossProduct(vz);
	if (vx.Length == 0)
		throw new GorgonException(ErrorCodes.NormalParallel,"The up vector is parallel to the normal vector, cannot create face.");

	// Rotate.
	// Translate.
	pos.Translate(primPosition + (normal * -0.5f));
	// Scale.
	// Finalize.
	final = scl * pos * rot;

	// Build the actual plane.			
	vtxIdx = vertexstart;
	for (row = 0; row < boxRows+1; row++)
		for (column = 0; column < boxColumns+1; column++)				
			// Center to origin.
			vertices[vtxIdx].X = ((column * divh) - 0.5f);
			vertices[vtxIdx].Y = ((row * divv) - 0.5f);
			vertices[vtxIdx].Z = 0;//(normal * -0.5f);
			// Transform.
			vertices[vtxIdx] = final * vertices[vtxIdx];

Where 'up' and 'normal' are derived as follows:
	case BoxFaces.Front:
		up = Vector3D.UnitY;
		normal = -Vector3D.UnitZ;
	case BoxFaces.Bottom:
		up = -Vector3D.UnitZ;
		normal = -Vector3D.UnitY;
	case BoxFaces.Back:
		up = Vector3D.UnitY;
		normal = Vector3D.UnitZ;
	case BoxFaces.Left:
		up = Vector3D.UnitY;
		normal = -Vector3D.UnitX;
	case BoxFaces.Right:
		up = Vector3D.UnitY;
		normal = Vector3D.UnitX;
	case BoxFaces.Top:
		up = Vector3D.UnitZ;
		normal = Vector3D.UnitY;

// Calculate rotation.
up = primOrientation * up;
normal = primOrientation * normal;

I'm really not sure how to fix this, can anyone help?

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I only glanced through the code, but I'll just say, make sure you're applying the transformations in the order scale->rotate->translate (I'm assuming that's what you want). For row vectors (D3D style), you have:

v' = v*S*R*T

Column vectors (OpenGL style):

v' = T*R*S*v

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Hey thanks for replying.

I managed to figure it out. And the end result is I'm dumb and wasn't thinking clearly. The problem was that I was applying the transforms to each of the cube faces. So, in reality, it was transforming each face, and doing exactly what it was supposed to do: rotate around the local axis of each face (while correct, not what I wanted/expected). I should have applied the transformations to all the vertices of the cube at once, then it would have rotated around the local axis of the cube, which is what I wanted, and having corrected this the problem went away.

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