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Grey Marker Techniques

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I'm just starting to get into marker in class, and it's pretty scary. It's so ... permanent! We've been making Xerox's of our original drawings, and that helps the fear factor a little bit. I'm familiar with getting darker tones using the same marker, working from light to dark, having scratch paper underneath my work. I'm just wondering what kinds of tips & tricks there are for working with marker, especially with highlighting/shading. Thanks. :stylin: "Make games, not war."

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working on marker or layout paper will definately help bleeding, copy paper is fairly adsorbent and will suck the marker into the paper and will dry the marker on the paper fairly fast. the faster you get with markers the cleaner the work will be,

the key to markers is to work fast and smooth, and don't worry too much about percision with the marker.

I usually work on marker paper and start with a Cool Gray 10 (cg10), and lightly sketch in the work, building up form. Then I go back with a pigment liner/ink pen and start laying down the line work. Then I usually go back in with the cg10 to lay in the establishing shadow areas, then use a cool gray 30 or 50 to start working in the shadows. After that its just switching back and forth between adjusting the line weight and detailing the shading until I'm happy.

When shading with markers, never cross-hatch, always go in one direction and follow the contours of the surface you are shading.

Markers are for quick fast rendering, don't try to over work a marker drawing to get too much detail. That's not really the point of markers.

atleast thats my 2 cents.

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