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Small Quest.

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well I am trying to make a network layer for an engine i am working on. I am following the Directplay model , of course it is not the same but a bit same concept with less fucntions. for now, I would like to know If i am doing something wrong. here is what i have done so far: a host can create a session and set parameters like if it is P2p or ClientServer and set Session Data and anme and other stuff. now programming what i have done is create a new thread and inside it i create a socket which will listen to all incoming connections, the data received from this socket is always type casted to a message struct in which i know what type the message is and stuff. of course the player specifies a message handler function pointer so when a message is received it will be handled internally then sent to the user (Same as DPlay i presume). and in the main thread the user can continue creating the game and don't worry about the network part except in the message handler. a user which wants to join will specify the port and ip or will just try to see which sessions are online (broadcasting a network message which reply is sent to client message handler). now once connected the user will also have a listen port to get info from the server. a message ais transmitted via a function called SendMessage which can take any type of data. of course once a player has joined a game it will be assigned an ID. all of this has been implemented (even some serialization of data) for example when you connect to a host you send your user info which contains a *void this can be whatever and set by a user to send specific info about a player to the host. I made it serialized , of course for now the serialization is not general but i am working on it. I would like an expert opinion if there might be a better way of handling this layer. Thank you.

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