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You all know the bot X3 on afternet? Well, X4 is my "Clone" of it, just with a few "extra" features. Pretty simply, it has the commands: ,k ,b ,kb ,ub ,l ,dl ,w ,dw ,mode ,rate(++/--/+++/---) (will be explained later) ,set ,get ,user ,ubm ,help These are additional commands ,login ,helpme ,Ihelp ,Nohelp ,mehelp Now, when your in the userlist, what you can and can't do is dictated by your rating. (pretty simply, anybody in the userlist is an op to anybody outside it, and as your rating goes up, you get more powerfull, until you get to the owner of the channell). rate++ does what you would expect it to do, same with rate--, rate+++ increases rating by 1000, rather then the 10, rate++ does it by, and the one rate+ does it by. ,l / ,dl are the normal Lamer/delamer functionality. Same for kick, ban, kickban and unban. ,mode just lets you set the mode. (ie. not ops, not voices, not halfops or bans, just the mode.) ,help runs up a helpbot to answer your question. Pretty much gilbot meets nurse joy. ,user displays user info. (i don't want ,users, because that would require me sending too much data and maybe ending up kicked for flooding every so often). ,w is warn. Pretty much, something minor that isn't bad enough for a kick/ban but still annoying, you set as a warn. This can be queried with ,user warn [username] ,dw gets rid of the last warn. (you must be an op or heigher to use these commands). ,get and ,set are two commands which allow you to get and setchannell variables. ie. defult greetings, set topics, ban timeouts, ect. ,login logs you in to Nickserv, which logs you into your account. (and logs you into all the user lists). ,helpme is a command that lets you ask somebody a quesiton. ,ihelp is a command that indicates you want to be asked questions. ,nohelp removes you from the help list. ,mehelp is your responce to a ,helpme eg. ,helpme how do i get mirc to log me into nickserv automatically? it then goes to a random (logged in, ihelp'ed) user via pm. (with the channell you sent it at, ect.) You respond via mehelp. Thats pretty much all i could find that would be usefull for people to get it to do. (the help commands are less importaint then the normall commands listed above it). Are there any commands that i've missed? Any comments? And yes, this will be made in Vb6, as doing it in C would be suicide. From, nice coder

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