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Need a couple beta testers.

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Hey guys i finally finished my first C++ project. It's a text based clone of dope wars. I will be looking into how to make my program not step on any copyright laws but for now here's a tiny disclaimer. I, Derik Hammer, used the majority of the dopewars content to make this game and I am only taking credit for the coding and a few of the features which i added myself. No program is without bugs of course though, i have fixed countless bugs on my own but now that all the obvious bugs are gone im seeking out people who'd like to play my game and report back any bugs that they've found. To all interested here is where you can DL the Exe (may want to put it into a folder because when saving a game a .dat file will be created): [edit - changed link to correct one] Feel free to DL it and give it out or do whatever you wish with it but anyone who finds a bug i'd appreciate it if it was reported to either this thread of me @ Thanks guys -Lordoftools P.S. Many thanks go to everyone who have helped me since i started C++ to make this program possible. [Edited by - lordoftools on August 23, 2005 11:52:15 AM]

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man you guys work fast yes i just fixed my link it's i had forgot that not everyone has MSVC++ installed so i posted the dependancies.

Should work great now.


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Ok a few of my friends which have been beta testing presented a few problems to me and i've updated the zip file....

Things i've fixed:

-Altered the buy guns message to represent the fact that it's the % of getting busted that lowers not the amount you will pay if busted.

-Entered a warning in the sell menu to tell people that only drugs which that city is currently buying will appear not their whole inventory and refrenced a feature im yet to add, the inv menu.

-I think i have fixed the error where acid, ludes, and cocaine were being considered invalid selections in the buy drugs menu (needs more testing to be certain of the fix)

Things i need to work on (in order of priority most-to-least):

-The sell prices for all drugs is very wrong you end up gaining much more money than you should.

-Sometimes you are unable to buy the full quantity of a drug as you should. (ie. ludes - $12 cash - $48, buying 4 ludes is not always possible while 1,2,and somtimes 3 is)

-Will be adding an option to view your full inventory since the sell drugs menu only shows the ones you can sell not all.

-Will be adding an intro paragraph to explain the game better for those unfamiliar and for some of the features which aren't too self explanitory.

-Will be adding a delete saved game option in the main menu also.

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