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Noob needs help - pong

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Okay, I was messing with Gamestudio for a while, but it took over a weeks work just to make a simple pong game, so I was looking at DirectX, is it any good? Could someone post a code for a working Pong game? I am a total newb, and I am into the gaming industry, im 15, and am willing to be devoted. Thanx everyone, btw, does anyone know the best book on learning Game Engine design? (Tutorials, books, anything really)

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To get anywhere in programming games, you need to be able to program.

Original post by Meow_Mix
and am willing to be devoted

That's good, you'll need to be. Try this to get yourself started, and try this to get some book ideas.

There are a number of languages available to you - C/C++, Python, Java, there's loads. I personally use C++, but you might like something a little easier, like Python. I haven't used that myself, but I hear nothing but good reports about it.

DirectX is too advanced for a complete beginner, trust me. It's very messy code, you'll just get lost without a very strong understanding of C++.

It's important to start small - Pong is a good place to start. We get some newbies who come on here wanting to make MMORPG's, glad you're not one of them [grin]!

You might want to begin, though, with some simple console programs. Here's the most simple program there is in C++:

#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
return 0;

That's a fully working program. All it does is open and exit again, because return 0; tells it to, and there's nothing else in between.

C++ simply acts as a base platform - there are other "libraries" available to make games, such as SDL, GLUT, Allegro, to name but a few. Equally in Python, you get PyGame which is a specific games library for Python.

As for Pong, there are so many different implementations of it that it would be impossible to recommend one for you. I wrote one, but it's so bad I'm not going to post the link again, but it used C++ with the SDL game libraries. SDL has the advantage of not being all that difficult to use, which is always a bonus if you're new to programming!

The Gamedev community are here to help, so don't be afraid to ask [smile]

Good luck!


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Before you move your way to an API, make sure you can program first. If you choose C or C++, then I would choose SDL as your first API when it comes time. Trust me, it will take a little time before you are ready for an API. I studied C++ for about 2 months before I moved to an API. I am on my first one and that is SDL. I love it! It is very simple to me. It is very simple to draw images onto the screen and it is even simpler when you make your very own functions that will draw it on their for you. Anyway, have fun with any language that you choose.

Also, I am 15 and C++ is my first language and I am doing pretty good at it.(I think. lol) I am not going to lie...C++ is a HARD language to learn, but once you get the basics, you can move on and understand what is going on sorta. you move onto greater ideas of finding ways for that to do that easier. When you starting studing a language, don't move on until you FULLY understand that section. Make some programs using everything you have learned. Just try some stuff out.


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There's a book called 'Tips and Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus' by Andre LaMothe that has the code to a compete 2D engine included. It's a great all-around book to get started with because he touches on lots of useful topics. He even presents math in an interesting way. Go figure! Have fun.

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