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[web] A List Apart 4.0 and stuff

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I've been extremely busy with my WoW guild's website (, so I haven't been able to post here much (not that I ever did nor that my posts were ever of much use.. but.. yeah..). Anyway, lots of things are finally moving on new-age development (for lack of a better term), including a very nice surprise: A List Apart 4.0! Since A List Apart's inception, the magazine has always been one of the best out there for modern web developers. However this new design means much more than just a change of eye candy. Web developers, when not fighting bad browsers and in some cases bad standards, are consantly pondering an ideal of their own. This has been much debated and is largely boring, but the point is we've finally reached a stage of implementation. Our main goal is to make usable, accessible websites while holding on to the style and content we know and love. A List Apart is a great aid in getting the word out about new best practices and other goodies that every web developer should know about and, most importantly, practice! javascript. It has been abused and misused and everything inbetween. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. However, if you've been following along the whole "javascript revolution", you'll know that a great effort is being put into the language to rejuvinate both it's image and its use. There isn't much to report as of yet, however keeping an eye on things over at Quirksmode (also in for a redesign, soon) will help you stay up to speed. We're not going to be living DHTML Hell again anytime soon =) IE7, of course. Bugs are being fixed, and hopefully we might see something close to a CSS2-compatible browser by release. I wouldn't expect a fully compliant browser, however it is encouraging to know that Microsoft's aim so to create a fully-standard-complaint IE platform with some release. Probably not IE7, however. The bug fixes will be welcomed, I'm sure, but for now it seems Microsoft is mainly focused on security. Keep track at IEBlog. Anyway, I just thought I should post this.. I should really rewrite the stickied Resources thread at some point because some of those articles and sites are quite obsolete now.

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