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vb .net problems

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What I'm trying to do so that my game has a nice look to it but is still very simple to make is to use pictures and then get the coordinates of where the user clicked on the form. I tried using the mousedown event, but that did nothing if I made an If..Then statements or a Select Case statement. When I used the MouseClick event, I couldn't find a way to get the mouse coordinates. If there's a way for me to get the mouse coords in a simple way. And please don't tell me to use c++, because I just like vb better.

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MouseDown should work fine. Are you sure you didn't do something silly, like writing in the Form's MouseDown while you were clicking in a Panel?

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Here is my suggestion

Make an event handler for all the objects on your form that might get mousedown fired on them. So instead of just handling mousedown for the form it handles it for all the objects you put on the form that might get in the way (and that you want that behavior for.

you should be able to get the coordinaes from the "e" parameter.

e.X and e.Y should do the job nicely.

They might be relative to the control thats getting clikced...

anyway here is the code I looked at from one of my school projects where I am using mousedown event on a form....

Private Sub Drawform_MouseDown(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) Handles MyBase.MouseDown
Dim myshape As SigGraphics.shapestorage
Select Case Me.drawmode
Case Is = "Circle"
myshape = New SigGraphics.circlestorage
Case Is = "Square"
myshape = New SigGraphics.squarestorage
Case Is = "Triangle"
myshape = New SigGraphics.trianglestorage
Case Is = "None"
Exit Sub
End Select
myshape.drawmode = Me.fillmode
myshape.x = e.X
myshape.y = e.Y
myshape.startcolor = Me.lblstartcolor.BackColor
myshape.endcolor = Me.lblendcolor.BackColor
End Sub

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I have nothing displayed on the form at startup, everything is in the form_paint event. I'll try doing some simple programs to check stuff before putting it in the game. I'm not making my transition to .net as easiily as expected.

Edit: I used the Vb6 translator(probably should've mentioned that in the first post but oh well), and it didn't work right. I tried the e.x and the e.y and it works perfectly now. Thanks.

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Sorry about double posting, but trying to edit gave me problems. At first I used the vb6 translator because I still don't fully understand the power of "e". Using e.x and e.y it works fine. Thansk for the help, although I'll probably be asking another question very soon...

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