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I need help,I'm a newb in C++

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I made a person input a list of thier favorite games but the program doesnt work well when I try to delete something. Here's the source please hlp :( #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; int main() { vector<string> fav_list; vector<string>:: iterator iter; const int max_List=8; int list=0; string game1; string game2; string game3; string game4; string game5; string game6; string game7; string game8; cout<<"Your list is waiting to be built. Input your favorite 8 games.\n"; cout<<"Here's a tip games can only be one word, so use underscore for more\n"; cout<<"than one worded games.\n\n"; cout<<"Your first game: "; cin>> game1; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game2; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game3; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game4; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game5; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game6; cout<<"\nNext game: "; cin>> game7; cout<<"\nOne more: "; cin>> game8; fav_list.push_back(game1); fav_list.push_back(game2); fav_list.push_back(game3); fav_list.push_back(game4); fav_list.push_back(game5); fav_list.push_back(game6); fav_list.push_back(game7); fav_list.push_back(game8); cout<<"Here's your list: \n\n"; for( iter= fav_list.begin(); iter!= fav_list.end(); iter++) cout<< *iter<< endl; cout<<"\n\n"; int delnum; cout<<"If you want to delete an item input a number from 1-8 (the number\n"; cout<<"corresponding to an item on your list), or if you don't want to\n"; cout<<"press zero then enter and the program will display your list:\n\n"; cin>> delnum; if(delnum= 1) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin())); if(delnum= 2) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 1)); if(delnum= 3) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 2)); if(delnum= 4) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 3)); if(delnum= 5) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 4)); if(delnum= 6) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 5)); if(delnum= 7) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 6)); if(delnum= 8) fav_list.erase((fav_list.begin() + 7)); if(delnum= 0) for( iter= fav_list.begin(); iter != fav_list.end(); iter++) cout<< *iter<< endl; cin.get(); cin.get(); }

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