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Keeping track of Hexagons in a Hexgrid / BoundingBox (GDI+/C#)

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hi folks! Again a most likely simple question, i have my HexGrid now, made with GDI+. My actual problem is still how i best can keep track of my hexagons, combined with a "OnClick" Feature, so that everytime i click with my mouse on a hexagon, it's "name" (3,4 for example) will be shown in a TextBox or so. The function that creates my HexGrid:
void MakeHexagonMatrix(int ColumnCount, int RowCount, int EdgeSize, Graphics graphics)
// This function will draw a hexagon matrix onto the given graphics object.  Each edge of
// a hex will be EdgeSize long

Pen blackPen =  new Pen(Color.Black, 1);
int diagVDist = (int)(EdgeSize * 0.866025403784);// sin(PI/3) = sqrt(3)/2

int diagHDist = EdgeSize / 2;// cos(PI/3) = 0.5
int xOffset, yOffset;

// Make RowCount rows
for(int row = 0; row < RowCount; row++)
yOffset = (2 * diagVDist / 2) * row + diagVDist;

// Make ColumnCount individual hexes in each row
for(int col = 0; col < ColumnCount / 2; col++)
xOffset = (col * 3 * EdgeSize) + ((row % 2) * (diagHDist + EdgeSize));

Point leftMid = new Point(xOffset, yOffset);
Point topLeft = new Point(leftMid.X + diagHDist, leftMid.Y - diagVDist);
Point topRight = new Point(topLeft.X + EdgeSize, topLeft.Y);
Point rightMid = new Point(topRight.X + diagHDist, topRight.Y + diagVDist);
Point bottomRight = new Point(rightMid.X - diagHDist, rightMid.Y + diagVDist);
Point bottomLeft = new Point(bottomRight.X - EdgeSize, bottomRight.Y);

Point[] points = new Point[10];
points[0] = leftMid;
points[1] = topLeft;

points[2] = topLeft;
points[3] = topRight;

points[4] = topRight;
points[5] = rightMid;

points[6] = rightMid;
points[7] = bottomRight;

points[8] = bottomRight;
points[9] = bottomLeft;

// Draw the hex
graphics.DrawPolygon(blackPen, points);
Should i save the "points" array to another array and define BoundingBoxes somehow? Could someone please post a small example that could help me? An ideal solution would be (IMHO) to somehow index the hexagons, so that i can easily access them like "hexagons[1,1].XXXX" Thanks for your time!

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