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a game that was the best for every one before the full 3d games

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there was a game better than pokemon although it's old it was really good for every one n' many still like it till now it's called captain tsubasa an old japanese manga about a japanese soccer boy who master a shot the drive shot with freinds n' play againist players from all over the world and more, it was the best since n' still till now for the soccer fans n' by the way the japanese player who played very good and defeated italy or spain i don't remember in japan 2002 they were all the same genration who watched this anime in their country n' played the game it made a good effect on them. although it's easy 2 play but really very hard 2 master so why game designers don't try to benifet more from japanese manga it's not because it's japanese we leave it for them only unless they won't let any one do it , they have many good things that would be a good game like detective conan it will be a good game adventures for many gamers because they like conan they will just buy it sorry for the very long topic [Edited by - tiba on August 25, 2005 7:19:50 AM]

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