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Comparing two mp3's

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Imagine that I've got a mp3 of a full sample (song) call this O. Using any audio tool, I cut out a piece of O, say twenty seconds somewhere in the middle. I save this sample as a mp3, probably with a different bit-rate, volume (compression) and fade in/out. Call this sample S. Now to the problem: I need a way of telling if S is a part of O, or more realistic: how closely does S match any part of O? Are there any tools/libraries that can perform the above? If not, how do I get around doing it? I've not done any programming with mp3's so I'll guess I need some library to read 'em in. Then what? * Decompress S and O into 44KHz, 16-bit samples * Perform a FFT of the whole S, normalize it, call it s. * For every possible start sample in O: * Perform a FFT of the same number of samples as in S, normalize it, call it o. * Calculate a value of how closely s matches o. Save the best fit value * Continue with next sample position. * Return the value of the closest fit (additionally with position). I'm lucky since I only need to test one mp3 against one other mp3. It would be a different problem if I wanted to find the closest matching mp3 in a set of thousands of mp3's. Any suggestions? [Edited by - eq on August 25, 2005 5:06:29 PM]

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