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Ancient Spirit

3d models and animations....

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Hello, I want to use a 3d rendering program for making "worlds" and "models" and ofcourse make animations with the programs aswell... My question is: What is the most easy file that can hold textures, lights and animation aswell and can you please recommend on a tutorial? Thanks in advance.

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I presume that you mean with the following: "What is the most easy file that can hold...", file-format, right?

In that case:

None exist so far by my knowledge. Textures are most of the time set file formats, like *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tga and *.dds. The difference between does file format lies within compression and possible encryption.
If you want to save time at programming, I suggest you would just put texture in separate files. DirectX and OpenGL have functions which can read those files and store them in there own datacontainers.

Thus far textures.

Models are usually just normal meshes + bones + bone hiërachies + key- or animationcontroller data. I would suggest to make your own file-format for those, this will be alot easier to get it to work, then trying to make *.x files to work, plus it will help you understand how all works in the background.
Often included in those model-files are strings with path to texture-files. You can read those strings to load the textures.

About lights, lightdata is often included into files which contain level data.


It is entirely up to you what you gonna use and how. I started with making my own string class, after that I started to experiment with reading and writing to files. There are tons and tons of tutorials around that will introduce you with this.

If any thing was not clear to you what I tried to explain, feel free to ask about it.

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