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[web] question about asp

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I don't think you need much more than the asp.dll. If you're running IIS, you probably don't have to do anything. If it doesn't, go to add/remove programs and edit your windows configuration.
Unless you want to run it on Apache or a different OS alltogether. In that case I wouldn't know (but I'm pretty sure that can be Googled).

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You need to be running IIS (this is non-negotiable). Other companies may make an application server product which is (partially) compatible with ASP, but it is not then ASP, just a clone.

You need to be running Windows Server in order to run the full (not crippled) version of IIS. ASP uses a number of other components which are usually already installed, but you might need to reinstall them (MDAC etc). If you want to send mail, you will need to install the SMTP component of IIS (NOT Exchange!).

Some sysadmins tend to run security "improving" scripts which change permissions on various DLLs, exes etc, in the system32 directory - these may need to be reduced back to the defaults. Talk to your systems manager about the security setup on your web servers to arrange a compromise if this is a problem.

Some IIS installations contain either a Microsoft or OEM filtering program (possibly called urlscan) - this needs to be configured to allow ASP files to be executed. Additionally, the IIS virtual directory needs to be configured to allow ASP script execution (this is often the default).

On IIS6 (i.e. with WIndows server 2003), there is a further security thing which controls what types of server-side applications are allowed - by default everything is disabled.

You'll need to enable ASP in there as well if you're on IIS6.


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