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Blitz 3d images

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Hi, Im having problems with another program. My blitz 3D won't load images. If I try to run this program:
sky = LoadImage("commando.bmp")
DrawImage (sky,300,300)

It says "image does not exist" and highlights Drawimage (sky,300,300) Is there any way to get this to work? thanks in advance

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You should always check the return value from your Load* functions. I suspect that LoadImage() is failing (which will return 0). This could be because the .bmp file is corrupted or not in the directory where Blitz is looking, or is not named correctly, etc.

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ok, I used my image in the program you gave me. And it worked. But still, The program in the first post doesn't work.

-Now when I try to run it, it comes up with a blank screen

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Graphics 800,600

setBuffer bacbuffer()

sky = loadimage("commando.bmp")
drawimage sky,300,300

That should work!

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That worked! thanks.
sorry for being a nusiance, but a terrain sample I wrote has the same results.
Here is the code:

;duh. . .
Graphics3D 800,600

;set the buffer
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

;collision groups
Global SCENERY = 1
Global PLAYER = 2

;create the light and where it shines
Global Light = CreateLight()
RotateEntity light,90,0,0

camera_pivot = CreatePivot()
EntityRadius camera_pivot,1.4
EntityType camera_pivot, PLAYER

Global camera = CreateCamera(camera_pivot)
CameraRange camera ,1,1000
CameraFogMode camera,1
CameraFogRange camera,60,200

Global Sky = CreateSphere(16,camera_pivot)
FlipMesh sky
ScaleEntity sky ,100,100,100
PositionEntity sky, 0, 50, 0
sky_tex = LoadTexture ("sky.bmp")
EntityTexture sky,sky_tex


Global terrain = LoadTerrain("height2.bmp")
TerrainDetail terrain,2500,True
ScaleEntity terrain, 3,15,3
PositionEntity terrain, -1000,0,-530
ter_tex = LoadTexture("mossyground.bmp")
EntityTexture terrain,ter_tex
EntityRadius terrain, 0,2
EntityType terrain, SCENERY

PositionEntity camera_pivot,0,10,120

While Not KeyDown(1)


If KeyDown(200) MoveEntity camera_pivot,0,0,0.05
If KeyDown(208)MoveEntity camera_pivot,0,0,-0.05
If KeyDown(203) TurnEntity camera_pivot,0,2,0
If KeyDown(205)TurnEntity camera_pivot,0,-2,0



Again, it comes up with a blank screen. Programming can be frustrating!

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