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Question about multiple lua states.

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Hello! Consider this scenario. I have a game with a set of lua functions which act as callbacks for various system events, not unlike the glut system of callbacks. I have functions defined in my lua script such as OnKeyPress(Key, Flags), OnHudRedraw(), OnIdle(Tick), etc.. which are all called at appropriate times. Now, if I wanted multiple scripts to define and control these callbacks, say I wanted script1.lua to handle OnKeyPress as well as script2.lua, would I create two different lua states, or basically a lua state for each script? I'm not entirely sure how to approach this problem. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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only one state you should create, i think.

you may define a game event for callback, and a multi map to save events and functions, like this:

//cpp pseudo code
typedef int EVENT;
typedef int LUAFUNC;
typedef std::multimap<EVENT, LUAFUNC> CALLBACKS;

//define all events
//and export to script
#define KEY_PRESS 1

//lua pseudo code

function on_key_press(key, rep) end

--register this function to a global script instance
register_event(KEY_PRESS, on_key_press)

function on_key_press(key, rep) end
--same to script1.lua
register_event(KEY_PRESS, on_key_press)

//in cpp
int register_event(lua_state *L)
//get event code and lua function
//save to multimap

when you get a system call back(KEY_PRESS), just call lua functions

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