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Back in the Game (no pun intended)

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Well it's been about a year since I've attempted to program ... After getting frustrated with some of the advanced andre lamoth books... (basically because i went from sams teach yourself C++ in 21 days... which was somewhat confusing near the end, to programming role playing games with dx). Now after taking a long breather from it, I've decided to get it right this time. I'm going to go ahead and get Object-Oriented Programming in C++. This will just refresh my basic c++ skills and re-teach me the beginnings of OOP and STL. After this, I'm at a loss. I do NOT want to get into windows API after that or any graphical programming. I want to widen my horison of the language. I do have accelerated C++, but I would like to read that AFTER I read a book that goes more in depth with OOP, a book that would best be suited for me after reading Object-Oriented Programming in C++. This is when I'm at a loss because there are a lot of books out there, and I just need a push in the right direction after I read yet another beginners book. In the end I would like to read 4-5 c++ books to get my knowledge of the language at a sustainable level, then off to windows programming while reading more C++ books. But there's just that step of books after OOP in C++. I do have accelerated c++, and wish to save that for my 3rd book in line. So book number 2 is in question, and 4. 5 I'll read stourstroups book (sorry for the mispelling). But any recommendations would be appreciated, and please don't flame me as this is an honest question with the wide variaty of good reviewed books out there. Thanks.

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Original post by SKATIN_HARD
Thinking in c++ by Bruce Eckel

Code Complete by Steve McConnell

You should add those 2 books to your list.

Isnt Thinking in C++ free in ebook form free somewhere on the internet?


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