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open door with scan...

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yes I know this is probably the easiest thing in gaming and it will only get harder but i am having a problem... All i want to do is make a door that when you hit space bar next to it, will open and then close. I followed a tutorial word for word and it still does not work. it says: "error(57) scan(my_pos.my_angle.temp); parameter unknown my_pos parameter" here is my entire code: var indicator=0; var my_pos[3]; var my_angle[3]; function scan_me() { my_pos.x = camera.x; my_pos.y = camera.y; my_pos.z = camera.z; my_angle.pan = camera.pan; my_angle.tilt = camera.tilt; temp.pan = 120; temp.tilt = 180; temp.z = 200; //scan range in quants indicator = 1; //this is for the opening scan(my_pos.my_angle.temp); } define _counter skill25; // use a meaningful name for SKILL25; function door_event() { if (indicator !=1) { return; //must be right kind of scan } if(my._counter <= 0) { while (my._counter < 90) { my.pan -=3*time; my._counter += 3*time; wait(1); } my.pan += my._counter-90; //correct overshoot my._counter=90; } else //otherwise close it { while(my._counter >0) { my.pan += 3*time; //rotate counter clockwise my._counter -= 3*time;; wait(1); } my.pan += my._counter; //correct the overshoot my._counter = 0; } } action door1 { my.event = door_event; my.enable_scan = on; //make door sensitive to scanning my._counter = on; //degree counter, independent of initial angle } on_space = scan_me;

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