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Selection Sort

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ok I needed to Write a Selection Sort Recursivley and Non Recursivley. that compiles but it doesnt do anything?

int* Sort(int a[], int l)

	int length=l;
	int i;
	int largest=0;
	int temp;
	{		if(a>a[largest])

	return (Sort(a, length-1));
void output(int t[],int length)
	for(int i=0;i<length;i++)
		cout<<t<<" ";

int main()
	int A[]={5,2,8,3,10};
	cout<<"Array sorted with recursive Selection Sort"<<endl;
	return 0;

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change this line: return (Sort(a, length-1));
to: return (Sort(a+1, length-1));

though that probably won't compile, so change
this line: int* Sort(int a[], int l)
to: int* Sort(int* a, int l)

this is because a pointer can be used as an array, but an array isn't a pointer, so go with the pointer because it is more versatile. Even better get rid of l, and use a pointer for that too. Do a while != kind of thing.

oh and yeah, if you are going to return something in a recursive function you need at least two return statements. I would just recommend dropping the return entirely.

let's see

void SelectionSort(int* begin, int* end)
int* iter(begin);//iter starts equal to begin
int* largest(begin);//so does largest

if( *iter > *largest)
swap(*iter,*largest);//swap is defined in <algorithm>

int a[length];
SelectionSort(a,a+length);//here is how you call it

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