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I need ideas for pyweek.

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I signed up for pyweek game programming contest (which is a week long). It just started and the theme was announced. The theme is power. I will be using 2d, and the game needs to be done in one week. Anyone have any simple game ideas that may work? I only have one other person working with me (doing art) so it needs to be content easy.

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Crazy Idea

Name: Farmer Joe- Power Planter

Story: With the cost of oil so incredibly high, America despiratly needs alternative fuels. Due to a combination of technical skill and dumb luck, the down and out duo of Farmer Joe his brainy nephew Nate have found a way to make gasoline out of any organic material... grass, wood, animals, compost, garbage etc.

Their farm is almost out of business when they decide to use thier new invention to make money. Farmer Joe will go out and gather as much plant material as possible and Nate will operate and improve their gas-making machine.

Gameplay: You play as Farmer Joe who is goes out to find as much organic material as possible to put into the gas-making machine. At first Farmer Joe has to work by himself to collect the material (for example, pulling up weeds) then have Nate turn it into fuel and collect some money. As things progress, Joe can have the money to hire people to get material for him or buy stuff directly.

For example, he can hire local kids to mow lawns and give him the grass clippings, he can buy garbage from neighbors then fast food restaurants then supermarkets etc, then he can set up a deal with the utilities company so they provide him with raw sewage that he can turn into fuel.

anyway, theres one idea

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