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DirectInput and ASCII Codes

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hi all. how can you get ASCII codes from the keyboard with direct input? i'm writing a console for my game and i dont want to test all keys with DIK_A, DIK_B, ... thx

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You might be better off collecting WM_CHAR messages in your Windows message loop for text input. It gives you support for international characters, as well as things like autorepeat.

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I'm fighting with the same problem (though not using DInput). I was thinking about using a similar function to the one given in that article:

static int scan2ascii(DWORD scancode, ushort* result)
static HKL layout=GetKeyboardLayout(0);
static uchar State[256];

if (GetKeyboardState(State)==FALSE)
return 0;
UINT vk=MapVirtualKeyEx(scancode,1,layout);
return ToAsciiEx(vk,scancode,State,result,0,layout);

But I'm concerned of the performance issues. What if you call this function numerous times in one frame? Wouldn't GetKeyboardLayout and GetKeyboardState be doing redundant work?

At any rate, if you have a key input manager already taking the keyboard state each frame, I would imagine that just calling ToAscii would be enough. That, I suspect, is what I will be doing.

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