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vector in stl

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Since local variables are destroyed when exit the function where they are defined, you can't return a pointer or a reference to a local variable and expect your code to work.

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Original post by luasitdown
int* getvalue(float time)
vector<int> v;
return &v[0];

this not work.

how to return pointer?

Well, the way your doing it there, it's really not a good idea because the pointer you're returning is going to point to invalid memory.

Once the function exits or returns, the vector you created there will no longer exist, and the pointer will point to something it shouldn't. Pointing to an item in a vector is a bad idea, because (If I remember correctly) STL makes no guarentee's that a pointer to an item in a vector won't be changed internally at a later point. That is, again, you'll have a pointer to some place it shouldn't be.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
A pointer into an element in a vector is invalidated just like an iterator into an element in a vector is. In fact the iterator might be a pointer, which is upto the implementation of the standard library.

One other little thing wrong with the code snippet was that the vector didn't actually contain anything so the access to element 0 was wrong in the first place.

// ville

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