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Direct3D texture problem

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Hey everyone, I was just porting this old DirectDraw 3.0 game to a Direct3D 8.0 . Remember that old Donuts game that came with dx sdks 7 and earlier? I was porting that to 8 for the fun of it. My problem is with the sprites they won't show up properly. I'll post some screens of the port I made as well as the source code for both. If you have trouble compiling the ported source code, you may have to exclude libci.lib from your build. :) The old source code will compile just fine as long as you add this line to your dsutil.c // Small hack for MSVC 7.1 #define DSBCAPS_CTRLDEFAULT (DSBCAPS_CTRLPAN|DSBCAPS_CTRLVOLUME|DSBCAPS_CTRLFREQUENCY) If you manage to help me fix this problem, I'll give you some credit for it. thanks. screenshot original game port: copy and paste links into browser :) EDIT: The problem lies in DrawDisplayList at line 1043 texture map coordinates are way off but I can't figure how to fix them. EDIT2: Please tell me if I haven't explained the problem thoroughly. [Edited by - blueshogun96 on August 29, 2005 2:11:19 PM]

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