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Addressing Kudo Points

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In reference to this thread, a question was raised about kudo points.
Another question is that if Iam correct the contest stated that kudo points will be given, if the judges see that the programmer went above and beyond to create the game, does that mean if we make the engine ourselves we get extra points? just wondering.
Kudo points are like judge wild cards. The other scoring parameters restrict the judges to what they can actually award points for, while kudo points can be added (unlike the other columns, there isn't a fixed "x out of y" scale) to the entries score for anything the judge thinks is deserving. There are no specific attributes that will get you automatic kudo points. They are awarded on a per judge basis and totally at their discretion. That means one judge may never award kudos points based on custom engine vs. packaged engine, while another judge may decide custom engines of a certain calibre are worthy of getting kudos. So don't try to engineer your game a specific way because you think it will earn you a predefined kudo point. Make your game a fun, "good" game first and foremost. You will get kudos points if individual judges find something particularly fun or impressive about your game.

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