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Integrating DirectX with Qt ?

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hi, I was wondering if integrating DirectX with Qt is possible. It seems to be as I found some mailing lists with references to that. But I can't find HOW to do it. So if anybody here can help me (links, explanations, whatever can help me ^^)

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I have read an idea on a mail list that used something like that:

1. Derive an object from QWidget and define a IDirect3DDevice9* as a member.

2. In the constructor do the common dirext3d device initialization preparations and when creating the device use


as the wHND argument of the CreateDevice method.

Also may be handle the resize situations (like retransforming the projection matrix etc.) overwriting the paintEvent of the widget.

I didnt have the chance to give it a try but will in a close future.

May be give some more ideas after that trial.

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