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Lightmapping Problems

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I have modeled the geometry for a level for my game, and have been trying to lightmap it with FSRad ( Lord Trankos modification ), but have encountered problems. To start with it never seems to finish, although I have not let it run beyond more than about 4000 iterations and it is fairly large. However, right from the beginning the line Initial (abs/esc)Energy says 0(-1.#J%/-1.#J%) and the Energy remaining line says 0. I don't know a lot about radiosity, but these don't seem right. In addition the Energy shot this pass eventually goes to 1.#J. I have tried lightmapping an example room, and this maps fine and does not display the weird things I mentioned above. I modeled the level in gmax, exported to obj with a maxscript, and then used an obj to ant converter and loaded the .ant in FSRad. I really don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what the problem is. I don't know if you can tell the problem from my info or not, but if you can please help me. Here's the .obj the .mtl the .ant and the .mat

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