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Flash Action script: Real simple issue....

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ok my only issue is to switch to a specified frame on a specified scene. I was lead to belive that if i typed: gotoAndPlay("scene 2",2); or gotoAndPlay("scene 2","frame 2"); that i would be taken to the second frame of scene 2, seems logical right? when i compile and run i test to see if i will be taken to frame "2" in the second scene, but nope im taken to frame "1". ignoring the ,2 that i put in, no output errors or anything. im sure its just simple syntax... but at this point im oblivious, please help :)

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hi kid4today

Although i know AS quite well it has been a year or so since i have touched it so bare with me if u can :)

ok first the syntax you are using seems correct, so i am guessing it might be 1 of 2 things:

1) Your pathways are incorrect,

2) It is going to the frame you want but it is going so fast you are not seeing it.

Try sticking gotoAndStop("scene 2",2);

Just to see if it is actually going to the frame you want. If that does not work then i am thinking is is the pathways, for example the scene you are going to is embedded within another movieclip, therefore you are trying to play the wrong timeline, try something like

_root.gotoAndPlay("scene 2",2);

hope this helps any


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