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Research project!!!

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Hello, all! I signed up here because I thought it would help with my college search, so I have some questions to ask you (It's for a school assignment I received in Enginnering Graphics): We had to pick two careers in engineering that we were interested in and research how to get into these fields. I chose 3D Engineer/Animator & Game Programming, but could use your help in answering a couple of questions: 1. What degree will it take to get into this career? 2. What are the top three colleges - in the world - for these fields? (3 for each field; 6 total) I have also chosen Guildhall at SMU as my graduate school, but still don't know what 4-year schools to apply to, so this information would help immensly. Thanks a bunch! P.S. I need an answer by Sept. 3. Sorry if I'm being a nag. ^ ^; [Edited by - SaphyrBlaze on August 30, 2005 7:04:54 PM]

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Well, I actually met a student here at Kansas State University that went through Full Sails animation program and when he went to go for a job, they told him that he needed more programming experience...

Full Sail and Digipen are great schools to goto if you have the cash. I'm sure they learn tons of things that are more interesting and applicable material to add to your dreams of becoming a dev.


I have heard from a COUNTLESS array of sources that this day in age, getting a degree at one of these game institutes, it is by far still not the best thing to do. A LOT of people advise that a person goes through a Computer Science degree, and in the meantime, focus on programming while attending.

So, On a personal level (not being in the industry yet), let me answer your questions.

From a Game Programming point of view::

>> 1. What degree will it take to get into this career?
It isn't so much the "Degree" that will land you a job in this industry because it is VERY, VERY, VERY competitive. These days a LOT of people are interested in this field so the market is heavy with a lot of wanna-be's that slid through college, got a degree and are now attempting to get into the industry.

The best thing to do, in my mind, is to go through a Computer Science program, and WHILE you attend school, focus a LOT of time to programming. A LOT of people that -are- in the industry are very successfull self learners, and what they know came from books, experimenting, and the internet; NOT through a degree.

Bottom Line: Program on your spare time, develop clones, develop demos, build an aptitute for programming.

>> 2. What are the top three colleges - in the world - for these fields? (3 for each field; 6 total)

Considering that most in the industry are self taught, the university really does not make a difference. I'm sure you could goto MIT and learn a ton about computers, but in the end, how much time did the program give you to program, experiment and learn on your own?

Bottom Line: It doesn't matter as long as your snagging that CS degree on the way out.

NOTE: There are some individuals that will not need that CS degree to get into the industry. A good example of this is dgreen that built from the ground up, by himself, a nearly complete game. I would hate to see him in a teamed invironment. ;)

Visit dgreens Journal

Another name to pick on is Ethereal Darkness Interactive. Visit them here

These fellas have just created an OUTSTANDING 2d tilebased game that should be released very soon. Main programming(including some artwork) done by one individual.

There are a lot of stories out there like this one. People with the devotion to learn on there own and not be hosed up by a achedimic career. But, in the end, the degree is worth it, because later in your life you may believe that this isn't the industry for you.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Hope you find this helpfull


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