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OPTION ARB_position_invariant, bug on nVidia Drivers?

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Hello! I have a problem in my 3dengine when i run it on GeForce 6x00 cards (i havent test it on FX family). I use the latest drivers (77.77) the problem is that when i use OPTION ARB_position_invariant; command in the ARB_vertex_program then the stuff i draw using this vertex program does not appear! The strange thing is that the engine was working on the 6x00 geforce family before a half year when i was using OPTION ARB_position_invariant! if i dont use this command it works! but then when i use ati card i get artifacts! The Engine works perfectly with OPTION ARB_position_invariant command in all the ati radeon cards. 9500 to 9800 and X800 to X850XT. maybe there is some bug in 77.77 nvidia drivers?

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