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Explicit DLL system with multiple objects ...

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Scenario: I am attempting to get my engine to be graphic api independent. Keeping just basic code and function calls on the engine side that then wraps around calls to the appropriate dll of DX or OpenGL depending on the user’s choice. I have it working great so far with simple device->beginscene and etc. Now I am trying to determine how to do multiple objects such as vertex buffers and what not. What is the appropriate method of having you interface \ class on your engine be able to communicate with the appropriate object of the derived interface object on the DLL side? The device renderer was somewhat easy to do b\c on the DLL there was only one instance of this object so when incoming calls came into the dll the instance of our created renderer object code on the dll side just picked it right up and goes with it. However, I am at the point where I need multiple instances of the same type of object and for those objects to be able to communicate with it’s appreciate owner on the DLL side. I’m also trying to keep the exe to dll relationship Explicit. For the simple fact of dynamically switching render dlls and updates. I’m probably over looking something so simple at the moment because I am thinking way to hard. I’m also sure this has been asked before, sorry if I overlooked the previous thread concerning this if so. Thanks in advance, Brandon

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